Ten Reasons Why I’m Not an A-List Blogger

(Author’s note: the following is meant to be in fun, so please don’t ruin my good post-vacation mood by being all serious, like those people who think Snakes on a Plane is a good action movie — or those who thought I was serious when I wrote this.)

  • I had my book deal long before I had my blog.
  • I only write once every 7-10 days, and that’s if I’m not busy working. I say something when I have something to say.
  • I used to be a newspaper reporter, so I can take criticism.
  • I spell check my posts and my comments on other blogs.
  • I don’t break news — as I said earlier, I used to be a reporter. I’m more of a columnist now, which means I get to share opinions without doing any real work.
  • I rarely go to conferences, seminars or workshops. When I do, I don’t alert the world via my blog (e.g., "Light blogging today, traveling," or "At the Beijing airport, they have wireless in the bathrooms," or "Be back in five, gotta Tivo C-Span — yeah, that’s right, I watch C-Span.")
  • My journalism career killed any semblance of ego I used to have (I once worked for UPI, which at the time was the journalism equivalent of having an AOL e-mail address.)
  • I link when it makes sense to do so, not just to encourage links back to me and increase my Technorati rank. Don’t you agree Jeff, Jay, Steve, Dan and Scott?
  • My columns (sorry, "blog posts") have a beginning, a middle, and thankfully, as you are about to discover, an end.

4 thoughts on “Ten Reasons Why I’m Not an A-List Blogger

  1. Scott, I live for being a “Pick of the Orchard” — maybe you should create a POTO graphic that the “picked” can put on their blogs. Another way to drive traffic to your site? I’m just so damn helpful 🙂

  2. Mike — yes, it’s true. I worked out of the Missouri State Capitol bureau covering anything that needed to be done, as we didn’t have lots of staff. I worked for AP later on as a stringer (in California), but UPI was where I cut my journalistic teeth, so to speak.
    Good idea on the book — though a lot of the inmates I wrote about have since been executed 🙂

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