About Gary

I am a storyteller. Ugh, I know, but before you write me off as just another self-important douchebag, hear me out.

I am also an experienced digital communications strategist with more than 25 years invested in integrated marketing campaigns, public relations and journalism. I’ve built and led regional/global operations and created innovative best-in-class programs for B2C and B2B companies in consumer products, technology, entertainment, retail, financial services, real estate and healthcare. And I believe that communicating “why” a brand exists matters more than anything.

My passion, however, is in storytelling. I’ve worked as a journalist for the Associated Press and United Press International, among others. I’ve written books on the death penalty and the media industry, and I’ve spoken internationally on storytelling and led workshops teaching clients how to craft emotional narratives that drive traffic as well as revenue.

I am a storyteller, but I am also a builder and a collaborator, because great things only happen when you work together.

I have a bachelor’s degree from the greatest journalism school on the face of the Earth, the University of Missouri. I’m currently writing my third book — a fiction novel about a Death Row inmate who survives his execution — and spend my precious time biking, talking with my daughter about movies, and watching way too much Food Network and Ancient Aliens.

I am NOT interested in creating ordinary.

No one is ordinary.

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  1. Taylor Hicks is my fave as well! He has a prominent place on my iPod. 🙂

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