About Gary

I am a storyteller.

Yes, I am also an experienced digital communications strategist with more than 22 years invested in integrated marketing campaigns, public relations and journalism. Yes, I’ve built and led regional/global operations and created innovative best-in-class programs for B2C and B2B companies in consumer products, technology, entertainment, retail, financial services, real estate and healthcare. My current and past clients include Adobe, eBay, HP, McKesson, Microsoft, Capital Group, Netflix, Holiday Inn, Coca-Cola, Ford, Target and The Walt Disney Company.

My passion, however, is in storytelling and destroying the traditional silos of PR, marketing and advertising. I’ve been telling stories all my life. I’ve worked as a journalist for the Associated Press and United Press International, among others. I’ve written books on the death penalty and the media industry, and I’ve spoken internationally on storytelling and led workshops teaching clients how to craft emotional narratives that drive traffic as well as revenue.

Most importantly, I graduated in 1989 from the greatest journalism school on the face of the Earth – the University of Missouri. I’m currently writing my third book (a dystopian fiction novel) and also spend time biking, sending my college-age daughter money, and watching anything related to Doctor Who. Or Star Trek. Or Angels Baseball. And digressing. I do that a lot.

Oh, and one more thing so I don’t get in trouble: The opinions expressed on Below the Fold are mine, all mine, and do not necessarily reflect the views of my employer. Sure, they could, but best not to assume.

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  1. Taylor Hicks is my fave as well! He has a prominent place on my iPod. 🙂

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