Remembering What a Career is Really About

FIRST YOU HAVE A RESUME. You build it, hone it, compile it like a greatest hits album. A one-page masterpiece of adjectives and bullet points. Later you create a bio, a superlative narrative of your experience, skills, and passions. The resume is a black-and-white television, but a bio is an 85-inch 4K entertainment system withContinue reading “Remembering What a Career is Really About”

Love Unfiltered: Learning to Lean into Grief

“I started the morning crying.” This was how Emma Hemming-Willis began her Instagram video marking her husband Bruce Willis’ 68th birthday. The former action star has dementia – and while the video showed a smiling Bruce Willis singing along with his family, Emma didn’t want to pretend that every day was a good day. HerContinue reading “Love Unfiltered: Learning to Lean into Grief”

Make Sure They Don’t Die in the Parking Lot: A Pandemic Story

I’m typically not one for anthologies or looking back. The future is almost always more interesting, not to mention that stories are better when you don’t know how they end. Two years removed from my first bout with Covid, however, and the story continues. Not for me (though I did go one more round withContinue reading “Make Sure They Don’t Die in the Parking Lot: A Pandemic Story”

You Don’t Have to Live Somewhere to Call it Home

This picture was taken in 1941 in Zhytomyr, Ukraine. German soldiers are surrounding Jews in the Market Square, and we all know what happened after that. My family left Zhytomyr decades earlier. I never thought about that place much, never visited, never felt like I had to. It was the Old Country, not My Country.Continue reading “You Don’t Have to Live Somewhere to Call it Home”