You Don’t Have to Live Somewhere to Call it Home

This picture was taken in 1941 in Zhytomyr, Ukraine. German soldiers are surrounding Jews in the Market Square, and we all know what happened after that. My family left Zhytomyr decades earlier. I never thought about that place much, never visited, never felt like I had to. It was the Old Country, not My Country.Continue reading “You Don’t Have to Live Somewhere to Call it Home”

Looking Ahead to “Hindsight”

IT’S TRADITION here at Below the Fold to share an early excerpt from the next book project. Okay not tradition in like the traditional sense, more in the “well I’ve done it before and I haven’t died from embarrassment yet so what the hell why not” sense. Plus there’s the added benefit of looking backContinue reading “Looking Ahead to “Hindsight””