Eleven Things That Won’t Happen in 2011

Tis the season for predictions, prognostications, suppositions and, let’s be honest, some downright guessing about what’s in store for next year. Rather than join the fray, following are 11 things that I boldly predict will not happen in 2011:

— Print won’t disappear

— Rupert Murdoch won’t get less creepy

— Social media won’t cure cancer, though it will be discussed as if it could

— Coming up with new ways to say the same things won’t make those things new again

— No one will “own” social media but everyone will try

— Cable companies won’t go away (but damn a lot of us will try to make them)

— Steve Jobs won’t wear a jacket, much to the chagrin Jewish mothers everywhere

— The New York Mets won’t win. Anything. EVER.

— No one will be “the next MySpace,” not even MySpace

— Yahoo! won’t change it’s name from “Yahoo!” to “Big Deal, Yeah, Whatever…”

— I won’t shamelessly plug my book (The Last Newspaper, http://amzn.to/ijf6eS). That would be, well, just plain silly.

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