Eleven Things That Won’t Happen in 2011

Tis the season for predictions, prognostications, suppositions and, let’s be honest, some downright guessing about what’s in store for next year. Rather than join the fray, following are 11 things that I boldly predict will not happen in 2011: — Print won’t disappear — Rupert Murdoch won’t get less creepy — Social media won’t cureContinue reading “Eleven Things That Won’t Happen in 2011”

The Real Story behind “The Last Newspaper”

 You don’t get to age 43 without experiencing some loss, usually the loss of hair and the ability to maintain that body you once knew in high school. It’s a familiar theme, even necessary. Hell, without loss there would never have been a Disney animated film. A few days ago, someone asked what my newContinue reading “The Real Story behind “The Last Newspaper””

Where There is Journalism, There is Hope

(Note: The following is the final chapter from my forthcoming book, “The Last Newspaper.” It’s printed here with permission from, well, myself…) “The one thing most likely to make the public value newspapers is newspapers valuing the public.” — Paul Bradshaw, senior lecturer in online journalism at Birmingham City University THERE IS A POPULAR TWITTERContinue reading “Where There is Journalism, There is Hope”

Leave the Journalism to the Journalists

Being married for 18 years has taught me how to make excuses. Usually these excuses have little effect, other than to serve as a caustic reminder of just how little influence I have in my own house. Nevertheless, my excuse for not posting in the past couple months is a pretty good one: I’ve beenContinue reading “Leave the Journalism to the Journalists”