Tim Porter and Tom Murphy: The Smartest-Thinking Men in Blog Land

I live my life with few absolutes – making time to read with my daughter, watching every second of American Idol, and picking up The New Yorker when in airports to make myself look smart on business trips, even though I’d much rather read People.

In the world of blogs, I have two “absolutes.” Tim Porter, who in my view is the leading thinker for the next age of journalism, and Tom Murphy, who is the same for the next age of public relations.

In the last week, both Tim and Tom published pieces that are even more “must read” than their normal “must reads.” Although I could go on and on about what they wrote, giving my own thoughts and analysis, that would just waste time better spent reading their original posts.

Enjoy – and if you haven’t already, add them to your life’s list of "absolutes."

•    Tim Porter – “The Sunday Not-So-Funnies

•    Tom Murphy – “The Emergence of the Blog Caste System”

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