Enter the Modern Mediasphere

Whenever I want to learn about some new communications trend or technology, I don’t turn to the blogosphere – at least not right away. First, I turn to the office next door, where my business partner, Linda Zimmer, is already far ahead of me.

But now I can go online and find the same high level of thought and balanced perspective that I get from Linda – and so can you, because Linda has launched a new blog, The Modern Mediasphere™.

I’m obviously biased – The Modern Mediasphere™ is a publication of our company, MarCom:Interactive, and I will post there occasionally as well – but this is a blog I have been waiting to read for a long time. It’s easy to get buried in blog posts about new technologies and trends of the moment, but it’s near impossible to find out what all this great new stuff means for our clients, our world, and us. The Modern Mediasphere™ hopes to change that.

As Linda says in the blog’s inaugural post:

“I started this blog with the goal of helping people new to modern media (new media) find out what new and emerging media mean – practically – to them, their business, their practices, and the people who touch those businesses.  I want to help answer the question "what is [insert new media here] good for?"  It is the number one question we get from our own clients and the people we meet through our presentations and seminars. The immediate next question is, "so, what does it mean for me?"

“I’m committing to answering these questions specifically via this blog.  I’ll be pointing to new models and new media technologies, examine how they are being put into use, what trends they express, and give ideas on how they fit into professional communications programs or strategies.”

Check out the Modern Mediasphere and let us know what you think. Share your comments about how you might use virtual sticky notes in your communications, or about anything else you come across as your join Linda on a tour of modern media in action.

If this doesn’t work for you, then there’s always the option of going to Linda office. Just be sure to call ahead – and remember, I still have first dibs.

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