“Liquid” Media: Mobile Phones and SMS

I’m cross-posting this from ZNetlady’s blog, lots of information about SMS and links to a visual tour. For those of you in Europe some of this may not be new, so have patience with us in the United States of Behind-The-Eight-Ball (as you’ll notice, none of the examples cited are from the United States). Enjoy!

Mobile Phones: Quintessential Liquid Media Appliance
We’ve updated our Modohood tour, devoting it this month to examples of mobile phone as “liquid media.” Liquid media is content delivery that fulfills the “what I want, when I want it” standard. Fox’s 60-second “mobisodes,” a pill bottle that reminds you via SMS to take your meds when it’s time, and on-demand real estate information by “texting a house” are a few of the creative ways modern media is driving products, services and experiences.

Liquid media captures “frame of mind” – an essential characteristic of modern media/modern communications. Capturing frame of mind means you engage people in the highest quality communication because they are choosing to be receptive to you – even if the moment of communication is fleeting. You aren’t shouting for attention or fighting to rise above the noise, you’ve set the scene for involvement instead. You’ve won far more from your customer by delivering the “what” and the “when.”

Mobile phone features and creative uses are exploding, making them the quintessential frame of mind, liquid media appliance.

Visit the Modohood tour for more examples. We offer an RSS feed on the tour page, if you’d like to be notified via your newsreader when we update it in the future.

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