Freedom From the Press Should Empower Today’s Journalists

Journalists have more on their minds these days than the
mere transformation of their profession. They are struggling with being just
like everyone else.

Journalists are
used to being special. They are the only professionals with their own line in
the U.S. Constitution — "Freedom of the press." That meant anyone
could be a reporter, although the reality was you could only practice
"freedom of the press" if you could afford the means of production
and distribution.

Now "Freedom of the press" has become freedom
from the press. We all have the means to be reporters, to produce
and distribute news and exercise our freedoms of speech and of press. We can
use services like Paper.Li to make our own automated "newspapers"
like mine or that of my employer.

What my former brethren need to focus on is that just
because everyone can do a thing doesn't mean everyone should, nor does it mean
they will do it well.

You didn't lose your Constitutional rights to report the
news. Social media didn't strip you of your obligation to the public trust.

We need professional, quality journalism more than ever.
Remember that the next time you feel sorry for yourself or write a misleading
headline just to earn more page views. 

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