The State of the News Media: True or False?

So here’s where we stand in the world of journalism:

  • A real American newspaper is bought by an Australian media magnate, who also owns a real American TV news network that reports fake news, as well as a real American newspaper —  though only in the sense that the newspaper is printed on actual paper, and is distributed in America
  • That same media magnate also owns another American TV network which broadcasts the aforementioned reality TV show about the fake anchorwoman
  • The Canadian Broadcasting Company doesn’t allow it’s real reporters to post real information about themselves on a social networking site
  • Google News allows subjects of news stories who feel their quotes were faked to post real corrections, though the corrections are not independently verified as true or false

And people think bloggers are the ones who can’t be trusted?

2 thoughts on “The State of the News Media: True or False?

  1. State of the News Media

    Gary Goldhammer sums up the State of the News Media more succinctly and sadly than all the other reports combined. Among his points: * A fake news organization sends a fake reporter to cover a real war * A real…

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