Idea Grove, I’m Here For You

My workload of late has prevented me from posting at my usual, snail like, when I get to it, oh crap my Technorati rankings are falling faster than Joan Rivers’ face level of frequency. So when I received a note from Scott Baradell about today’s Blog Talk Radio interview with Rachel Sklar, my immediate thought was “gee, I’m too busy, but I should do something.”

Okay, so my next thought was “what the hell am I getting pitched for, doesn’t Scott know that I have as much traffic as Disney’s California Adventure?” But then I decided hey, if Scott thinks I’m influential, who am I to judge?

Besides, I like Scott and consider him a kindred spirit in former journalist-turned-PR guy land. He’s a real mench, like this guy. He’s part of the Texas Trio, along with these guys (you know what I mean, Kami.) And he contributes to the public discourse, unlike this guy.

So do yourself a favor and check out Scott’s interview, live today at 3 PM Pacific Time and later on-demand. Get the details here – and tell Scott Below the Fold sent you!

One programming note:  I do have another column in the works for this week, and it might even be a good one. Stay tuned….

6 thoughts on “Idea Grove, I’m Here For You

  1. Gary,
    Maybe if Scott actually contributed to “discourse” he wouldn’t need the pity from the club. Boosterism isn’t discourse.
    – Amanda Chapel
    PS For the record, about 90 percent of the people who write for Strumpette at any given time are women. It is only a handful of literal-minded pee brains that continue to attribute it all to our webmaster.

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