Idea Grove, I’m Here For You

My workload of late has prevented me from posting at my usual, snail like, when I get to it, oh crap my Technorati rankings are falling faster than Joan Rivers’ face level of frequency. So when I received a note from Scott Baradell about today’s Blog Talk Radio interview with Rachel Sklar, my immediate thoughtContinue reading “Idea Grove, I’m Here For You”

Keeping it Real with Greensboro News-Record Editor John Robinson

"Technology has given the power of the printing press and a television station to everyone. Everyone has the opportunity to publish news and opinion. That improves our journalism. It improves the world’s journalism." — John Robinson, Editor, Greensboro News-Record Blogging about journalism is nothing like doing journalism. Although it’s easy as a blogger to makeContinue reading “Keeping it Real with Greensboro News-Record Editor John Robinson”