Connie Loves Maury, Newspaper Subscriptions Sour and Media Companies Go with the Wind

  • Couple-casters Connie Chung and Maury Povich will host a morning network news show. Not to worry — the show is on Saturdays on MSNBC, so no one will ever see it.
  • According to a story by the Associated Press, the average weekday circulation at U.S. newspapers fell 2.6 percent in the six month-period ending in September. At this rate, there will be more people who get their milk delivered to their door in glass bottles than subscribe to print newspapers. (Hat tip: Dan Gillmor)
  • The “West Wing” held a fake debate between fake presidential candidates Sunday night. According to a national poll, 67 percent of respondents preferred the fake debate to watching a real one. Maybe the real 2008 nominees should hire actors to play them in the debates – Jon Stewart could be the moderator and the audience could be filled with people who were too normal get on Jerry Springer.
  • NBC announced it will offer The Evening News online every day, in its entirety, free of charge. Fox News, the Weather Channel and The Tonight Show are streaming on mobile phones, and you can ogle the Desperate Housewives or get Lost on Apple’s new IPod. And all this is just the beginning. So what does it mean? For decades traditional media companies have tried to control the wind. Now they are adjusting their sails, and seeing where the wind takes them. It won’t always be smooth sailing but at least now they are heading in the right direction.

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