Digital is a Platform

Digital is not a “publication.” Digital is a “platform.”

Publications are static, one-way, monotone. They live in comfort. Publishing is an act of control, and in that sense, it is little more than anachronism.

You can publish via digital, but digital is not a publication.

Digital is a platform.

Digital is a relationship reset, an invitation for community involvement. It is a place, an environment, a vessel for people to share knowledge and perspective. Digital is a process, and in that sense, it forces brands, journalists and others to add value rather than merely “create content.”

Publications don’t need journalists, don’t need artists, they don’t need anyone except autonomic content creators. Platforms, however, can’t exist without people to both contribute and curate, to share data and analyze data, to educate and be educated. Digital needs storytellers.

With digital, the platform comes first, not the publication.

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