My Year of Living (Not So) Dangerously

There are three kinds of “leaps” a person can take:

  • A leap of conscience
  • A leap of comfort
  • A leap of faith

A year ago, I took all three. I ran giddy and trembling into the unknown. I leaped – and so far at least, it seems I stuck the landing.

I’ve done this before: From full-time journalism to political campaign management; from public affairs and PR to digital marketing; from a big agency, to my own company, and then back to a big agency. My life has been a series of leaps, some good and some bad, but never boring and never without growing or learning.

When I decided to join my current company, I did so after much internal and external debate – not about making money but about making a difference. I’m still working on that part, and ultimately, it’s not for me to decide.

Nevertheless, I took the leaps.

The Leap of Conscience, because I knew I needed to go in a different direction.

The Leap of Comfort, because I knew I needed to be challenged and scared.

The Leap of Faith, because I knew the one person I had to believe in was myself.

I still miss Edelman — especially the people — and I expect I always will. And I’m grateful that relationships don’t stop with the paycheck, at least the ones that matter.

But if the past is truly prologue, then it stands to reason that the story, at least for me, is just beginning.

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