There is No Social Media

Media is social.

Conversation is social.

Conversation is permanent.

Technology is not conversation.

A blog is technology.

A blogger is not.

Bloggers are not impressions.

Bloggers can be influential.

Bloggers are people.

People are media.

People are social.

All media is social.

There is no social media.


7 thoughts on “There is No Social Media

  1. A variation injecting ‘some’ or even ‘most’ into the final point because not all media use human interaction to pass along a point. Thinking direct mail or broadcast for example.
    Media carry a message
    People are social
    People converse
    Conversations contain messages
    People are media
    Some (most) media is social

  2. Very little that is used or related to humans is not social in some sense. The use of the term “social media” (or “sociable media”) simply suggests that flatter networks of communication lead to more sociability.

  3. Thanks for the great observations. Anthony, I’d just challenge that even your examples are social, even if they don’t begin that way. Today, broadcast ends up online, can be passed along and discussed. Same with direct mail…all media exists in a social environment, whether it intends to or not.

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