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If Technology is the Heart of Social Media, Then People are the Soul

I’M CONSISTENTLY AMAZED BY how many companies engage in social media and forget that the word “social” is right there. But I don’t entirely blame them – I blame us. By “us” I mean the so-called professional communicators who are … Continue reading

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Kill the Click: Digital is All About the Clock

IT’S TIME TO KILL the click. This isn’t something the traditional digital advertising industry wants to hear (and yes, there is such a thing as “traditional” digital advertising.) Clicks equal cash goes the maxim, though those selling clicks are the … Continue reading

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Journalists to Brands: Don’t Give Us “Content,” Tell Us Stories

ALTHOUGH I CAN’T TRACE THE ORIGIN with any certainty, I’m nevertheless pretty sure that the word “content” was first used by a marketer, not a by a journalist. Journalists are in the business of stories. Always have been – and … Continue reading

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Social Media, Milkshakes, and Life After Death (Father’s Day Re-Post)

EVERY FATHER’S DAY I use this space to remember those who don’t or perhaps never had fathers. Usually I just repost this story, originally published in 1990 when I was a newspaper columnist. Today, however, I decided to reach all … Continue reading

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Communities of Intent: The New Bing Tries to Resuscitate the Web

THE WEB IS BACK. Or at least Bing, with its new social-focused interface, is trying to make the Web relevant again – while making Google less relevant in the process. Over the coming weeks, Bing users will not only get … Continue reading

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Why Most Brands Will Suck at Storytelling

“STORY” IS THE NEW “CONTENT.” As buzzwords go, story isn’t entirely bad — for years I’ve pushed clients to be storytellers. I’ve berated the descent of story into a furtive sea of “content,” stripping all emotion from human pursuits. So … Continue reading

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Why the New Facebook Matters for Marketers – and Why it Shouldn’t

(The following post originally appeared on the blog.) Remember the days when Facebook would launch new features and then announce them? What a difference an impending IPO makes. Now Facebook not only tells us what’s going happen, it has … Continue reading

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