Shit My Conscience Says

There are times – this being one of them – when it needs to stop.

I know what I’m “supposed” to do. I know what I’m expected to say when in a meeting with clients or chatting with peers.

But more and more, my conscience calls me out. It tells me when I’m agreeing when I should be challenging. It reminds me when I do the accepted instead of the needed. It berates me for keeping my mouth shut when all I want to do is scream.

What do I mean? I mean this:

  • If you have to say the word “strategy’ or “strategic” 50 times in one document then you are justifying your worth to yourself, not to your client.
  • Social media doesn’t replace traditional media. Those who disagree are just replacing common sense with ignorance.
  • Social media is not the cause of journalism’s demise. Social media is journalism’s renaissance.
  • People who say they know it all are the people who have done the least.
  • The smartest people have lots of questions, not all the answers.
  • There are billions of people in the world who either have never heard of Twitter or will never use it. They matter, too.

This is what my conscience says. This is what needs to be said. It doesn’t sell books, lead to speaking engagements or increase your Klout score – but it’s better than the snake oil being sold to companies today under the guise of value.

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