Ten Tweets I’d Like to See

Hillary08: Stuck in Indiana, please send money

God: Creating the world in seven days was a piece of cake,
but writing something meaningful in 140 character fragments is a real
pain in the a…

SocialMediaGuy1: if you’re not using Twitter then you are obsolete

ADD: Twitter is the coolest what yeah Pounce is the greatest what totally you going to finish those fries

Dr. Phil: As if I wasn’t overexposed already

SocialMediaGuy2: Twitter is obsolete

Dubya: Which one of the Internets is this?

G24khamr: If someone who publishes a blog is a “blogger,” how come people who use Twitter aren’t called “Twits”?

PhilGomes: I hear that guy from Bladerunner is in another movie this summer called “Indiana Jones”

SocialMediaGuy3: Does anyone remember the URL for my blog?


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