Some Interesting Things About the New Communications Forum

Kevin Smith and Chris Heuer, seperated at birth…

  • I got to sit on a Viral Marketing panel with the guy who
    directed Clerks and Chasing Amy (oh wait, sorry, that was Kevin Smith, not Chris
  • Phil Gomes wore a tie. More significantly, it wasn’t a
  • There were lots of monologues about the importance of
  • Being “engaged” is also very important. Unfortunately I’m
    already married, which interestingly also kills conversations (at least the
    kinds of conversations I can win.)
  • Lots of people were blogging or twittering or IRC-ing or texting during the sessions. I’m convinced they were just trying to make us
    losers with pens and paper look bad.
  • Best sound bite: “The
    attempt to be infallible drives out authority and humanity.” – David Weinberger
  • Worst sound bite: “Wikis are dead.” – Some Guy on Some Panel. Saying that something is “dead” just makes
    you sound ignorant, narcissistic or both.

A final thought: New Comm was okay, but next year, I’ll take
an invitation to Ted instead.

11 thoughts on “Some Interesting Things About the New Communications Forum

  1. The image of Shel Israel in the shower reaching for shampoo is just plain scary (long story, please don’t make me repeat it.)
    My eyes!!! they burn!!! make the pain go away!!!!

  2. It was a pleasure to met you at last, and if I were you, I would also take that invite to Ted. However, I wouldn’t trade Vegas, it was too much fun.

  3. Thanks for the much-needed dry & pithy commentary and, yes, even in the expanded form the TED conference continues to be interesting in its mix of people, topics and format.
    It is good to still be able to find heroes and this is one event that warms even this cynical ex-journalist’s heart at times.

  4. Chris: Not at all, and thanks again for Dogma, loved that flick!
    Kami: Great meeting you too, but hey, where was my invitation to Roy’s? 🙂
    Susan: Likewise, and you can use my laptop (computer, people, keep it clean…) anytime.
    Kare: Glad to hear that there are other ex-journalists who have hearts…

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