Six Ways to Know When PR Has Taken Over Second Life

  • You are invited to the grand opening celebration of “PRSA Island”
  • “username and password” is replaced with “goals and objectives”
  • Kami Huyse changes her title to “A.A.P.R.” (“Accredited in Avatar Public Relations”)
  • Reporters complain of unsolicited teleporting to virtual press conferences

7 thoughts on “Six Ways to Know When PR Has Taken Over Second Life

  1. Very funny, Gary.
    Should we start differentiating traditional PR (T-PR) from online and social PR (O-PR) from SecondLife PR (SL-PR)?
    Unsolicited teleporting? How cool would that be!

  2. Second Biz

    I came across a couple very interesting pieces of Second Life machinima this week. Interesting, not just because of their quality, which is certainly way above average but also because of their style and subject matter.
    The videos in question a…

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