MGM Mirage Press Release Not Good, Just Bad and Ugly

It’s nice to know that six years removed from running a major PR agency, I can still spot press releases that read like someone regurgitated a bowl of B.S. gumbo.

The release — a "stop the Earth from spinning" pronouncement from MGM Mirage about a new casino project — is so long (1,200 words) you have to have a love for hyperbole and strong stomach muscles to get through it. If you do, however, you will be treated to such words and phrases as:

  • A paradigm-shifting project
  • Boosting efficiencies
  • Sustainable elements
  • Fueled by vision, diversity and resources
  • Innovative
  • Renowned
  • World-class
  • Unprecedented

And the best, from Terry Lanni, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of MGM Mirage: "Project CityCenter confirms a cultural and lifestyle revival of city living, reaffirms the growing sophistication and maturity of Las Vegas and sets a benchmark for new growth and exciting new experiences as the city moves into its next 100 years."

Wow, all that plus gambling and hookers, too? Sign me up!

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