Bloggers vs. Journalists, Rush Limbaugh, Scott Savol and Other Things to Think About

  • Congressional Republicans think Federal judges should always vote to preserve life – unless the lives in question are on Death Row.
  • Rush Limbaugh thinks all teenagers have oral sex every day. Either Rush is wrong, or I had the worst adolescence in history.
  • Michael Jackson thinks his case is going very well. Now, remind me again why anyone should care what Michael Jackson thinks?
  • Some bloggers think they are journalists and some journalists think they are bloggers. I think they are both right – so please, can we all just shut up about this and move on?
  • NBC thinks replacing the producer of The Today Show will help boost ratings. How about replacing Katie Couric and boosting the IQ level of the show’s interview segments?
  • Many Americans think Tom Delay should resign from Congress because of suspected unethical conduct. But how many Americans can name one alleged ethical violation?
  • Calif. Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger thinks the U.S. should close its borders with Mexico. Take that, Al-Queda!
  • I think Scott Savol is still on American Idol either because 1) more rednecks have phones now, or 2) beating up the mother of your child and having an adequate singing voice is totally wicked cool, yo!
  • I think the University of Kansas sucks. No joke here – I just really think it sucks.
  • One thought on “Bloggers vs. Journalists, Rush Limbaugh, Scott Savol and Other Things to Think About

    1. re Scott Savol – yeah. What really makes me go HUH?? is when Paula Abdul comments on ‘how much you’ve gone through over these past few weeks….’ as if being accused of being an abuser is something to overcome.
      Our money is on Constantine

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