Keeping the (Inter) Faith During the Holidays

Every year around this time I get a call or an e-mail asking for an interview about being in an interfaith marriage. The reporters all want to know why my wife and I decided to raise our daughter Jewish and whether images of Santa and a Christmas tree at my in-laws’ house will make herContinue reading “Keeping the (Inter) Faith During the Holidays”

Hamas Public Relations Campaign Can’t Change Reality

Hamas, the terrorist organization turned governing power in the recent Palestinian elections, is paying $180,000 to a local media consultant to help them remake their image, according to a report in the Guardian newspaper. Said Hamas PR man Nashat Aqtash, who works from Ramallah in the West Bank: "Hamas has an image problem. The IsraelisContinue reading “Hamas Public Relations Campaign Can’t Change Reality”

Worst Job Ever: PR Spokesperson for Pat Robertson

Working for crazy people has to be tough. In my old line of work we called these crazy people “editors,” which is honestly the nicest thing an editor has ever been called. But today I want to offer my thoughts and prayers to Angell Watts, spokesperson for Christian broadcaster, former Presidential candidate and the craziestContinue reading “Worst Job Ever: PR Spokesperson for Pat Robertson”

Pat Robertson Damns Dover for Not Bending Over to Religious Extremism

I try to keep my comments to the subjects of modern media, communications and the evolution of news, not the evolution of life on Earth. But I feel I owe it to the people of Dover, Pennsylvania, to warn them that the end is nigh. Pat Robertson says Dover residents will not get any helpContinue reading “Pat Robertson Damns Dover for Not Bending Over to Religious Extremism”

“Screw the Lettuce” and Other Expletives from the Disengagement

Real stories about Israeli “disengagement” from the West Bank and Gaza are hard to come by via the mainstream American media, who prefer to feed us our international news in bite-sized, easy-to-swallow chewable tablets of information. A screaming Palestinian here, a defiant Israeli settler there, and a few shots of Ariel Sharon looking all theContinue reading ““Screw the Lettuce” and Other Expletives from the Disengagement”

Letters from Heaven: The Rapture is Online

Sometimes something comes along that’s so strange, so off the wall, so borderline nuts that it begs for attention like Michael Jackson at a Chuck E. Cheese. Such is the case with Rapture Letters, a web site dedicated to helping the recently ascended communicate with the sinners left behind. According to the site, after theContinue reading “Letters from Heaven: The Rapture is Online”

Religious Tolerance Starts with Public School

It began in Alexandra’s first grade classroom, when a classmate asked her if she believed Jesus was the Son of God. “I told her no, I’m Jewish,” my six-year-old daughter said. “She wouldn’t play with me after that.” We talked about how differences make us special, how if you are different from somebody else, thatContinue reading “Religious Tolerance Starts with Public School”