Newspapers: Making the Case for Free

(Originally posted at The future of newspapers may well be in Colorado, once home to the late “gonzo journalism” provocateur Hunter S. Thomson and today home to no less that 12 free dailies. All of these papers are very local, and perhaps more importantly, successful. This trend is even more interesting in light ofContinue reading “Newspapers: Making the Case for Free”

The Last Newspaper

Daniel headed for the darkest corner of his local Starbucks, the Last Newspaper clutched snug against his chest. He opened it slowly, carefully, as if he were cradling an ancient parchment. The crinkling sound it made drew a few stares, and then a few more as those around him realized that they were sitting justContinue reading “The Last Newspaper”

Journalism’s Next 100 Years

I got a call from the University of Missouri Journalism School, my alma mater, reminding me of the 100th anniversary celebration this year. Founded in 1908, Missouri was the world’s first journalism school and is still regarded as one of the best. Yet while overall it was a great first hundred years for American journalism,Continue reading “Journalism’s Next 100 Years”

Making Newspapers Matter: The Tragic Value of Content

“Hey Gary: After a year of unanswered emails to the editor of the Portland, Maine, Press Herald pleading for better local reporting and editing…I started a blog a month ago…” T.C. Munjoy, Pressing the Herald ( ONE MORE BLOG IN THE WORLD is not the end of traditional journalism. Even the target of Mr. Munjoy’sContinue reading “Making Newspapers Matter: The Tragic Value of Content”

Social Media Tools and Modern Technology Only Tell Part of the Story

The Riverside Press-Enterprise in Riverside, Calif., requires its entry-level reporters to shoot video of their stories in addition to the written versions. The directive is optional for older or more established reporters, but the message is clear: Get with the future or get out. There is some truth and I’m sure even noble purpose toContinue reading “Social Media Tools and Modern Technology Only Tell Part of the Story”

Making Newspapers Matter: The “Age of Engagement”

When I went outside this morning I saw something I thought I would never see in my life – an empty driveway. No newspaper. I checked the bushes, nothing. I asked if someone had brought it in already, but no. I wondered if the delivery person forgot or was sick, but then I remembered. ItContinue reading “Making Newspapers Matter: The “Age of Engagement””

News-Record Editor Gives Sound Advice to Prospective Hires

John Robinson, editor of the Greensboro (NC) News-Record, wrote an insightful piece on his blog about what he looks for in students coming out of journalism school. The only reason I got hired for my first newspaper job was because I went to the University of Missouri J-School (seriously, that’s what my boss told me),Continue reading “News-Record Editor Gives Sound Advice to Prospective Hires”

Real Journalism in a Virtual World: Interview with Second Life’s Metaverse Messenger Publisher Katt Kongo

“…Print is here to stay. People just need to find new ways to use it.” – Katt Kongo, Publisher, the Metaverse Messenger While real-world journalism struggles for new legitimacy and relevance, virtual world journalism is flourishing. I’m talking about real reporting, written by real reporters covering real stories and issues. After all, online communities areContinue reading “Real Journalism in a Virtual World: Interview with Second Life’s Metaverse Messenger Publisher Katt Kongo”

Newspapers: Where Words are Born, Not “Where Words Go to Die”

Author Seth Godin, in a post about how to be a successful non-fiction writer, said, “a non-fiction book is a souvenir, just a vessel for the ideas themselves. You don’t want the ideas to get stuck in the book… you want them to spread.” I thought about this statement as I stared at the pileContinue reading “Newspapers: Where Words are Born, Not “Where Words Go to Die””

Former Santa Barbara News-Press Columnist Speaks Out; N-P Publisher Becomes (Lou) Cannon Fodder

"Wendy McCaw may own the paper, but she doesn’t own the news." — Anonymous Santa Barbara News-Press executive And on the Seventh Day, it all went to hell. One week since editors and a long-time columnist walked out on their jobs, Santa Barbara’s media establishment is still firing salvos across a deepening chasm – reportersContinue reading “Former Santa Barbara News-Press Columnist Speaks Out; N-P Publisher Becomes (Lou) Cannon Fodder”