The New Journalism Rules: Learning to Fly in the Modern Mediasphere™

At first glance, The Naples (Fla.) Daily News web site looks like any other newspaper site: Articles include a local twist to a national story on declining home sales; a car crash that killed a local resident; and a cold front moving into the sunny Gulf Coast enclave of 20,000 retirees and not-so-idle rich. ButContinue reading “The New Journalism Rules: Learning to Fly in the Modern Mediasphere™”

Citizen Journalists at the Gates

For a profession where the practioners’ names are connected to every story, journalism is a bed of insecurity stuffed with pathos, where journalists bemoan their lot in life as if the act was as essential as breathing. Forget that a journalist’s job is so important that it is written into the U.S. Constitution, the questionContinue reading “Citizen Journalists at the Gates”

New Rules for the Modern Journalist

Few would argue that institutional journalism has lost its way. But journalists are not institutions; they have minds, ideas, passion, prejudice and purpose. They have the tools necessary to bring journalism back from the abyss – but not the will. That’s too bad, because for journalism to regain its conscience and credibility – to saveContinue reading “New Rules for the Modern Journalist”

Making Newspapers Matter: The Journey Back to Brand

(Note: This is the first in an occasional series of posts about newspapers, their loss of “voice” and relevance, and how they can regain both. You can find these posts under the category “Journalism Next.”) I read a newspaper this morning. Stop the presses. My primary computer is being repaired so I don’t have accessContinue reading “Making Newspapers Matter: The Journey Back to Brand”

We Media Conference: In “Us” We Trust

The 2005 We Media conference was a gorgeous blur, a non-stop serenade from modern media pioneers, practitioners and a few procrastinators about the coming Collaboration Age. It was a day not just to drink the Kool-Aid but also to soak in it. Many others have summarized, theorized, blogged, podcasted, used mental telepathy and that languageContinue reading “We Media Conference: In “Us” We Trust”

Who Can You Trust in the New World of News? Start With Yourself

Journalism is a public trust – the journalists trust the public to believe what they write and say, and the public trusts the journalists to report the unvarnished truth. But trust, like journalism itself, is subjective. Some people trust Fox News, some trust National Public Radio, and still others consider A Current Affair to beContinue reading “Who Can You Trust in the New World of News? Start With Yourself”

An Open Letter to J-School Students: Help Usher Us Into the “News 2.0” Era of Collaborative Journalism

Dear Journalism School student, I read that you are questioning whether journalism is a worthy calling. You are considering public relations as an alternative, because you believe PR is the clearer path to the truth than the rocky road laid by some in the journalism profession. There’s nothing wrong with PR – I made theContinue reading “An Open Letter to J-School Students: Help Usher Us Into the “News 2.0” Era of Collaborative Journalism”