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Letting the Audience Lead

An anxious mother walked closely behind her son at the Seattle airport. The child, who was barely a toddler, wanted to explorer. The mom wanted to catch him before he “explored” down the escalator. This delicate dance – son dashing … Continue reading

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Google+ and The Entropy of Social Media

First there was order, then chaos. The universe was born in near-perfect order: small, organized and perhaps even serene. Over time, the universe expanded and became messy, diverse and beyond comprehension. Chaos reigned. This effect is called entropy, the process … Continue reading

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Legos, Airplanes and the Future of the Web

IN THE UNITED STATES we have a two-party system — well, technically. There’s the Democrats, the Republicans, and then the dozens of mini parties within and outside the main Parties, not to mention the multitudes of non-affiliated, disenfranchised and disillusioned. … Continue reading

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