Letting the Audience Lead

An anxious mother walked closely behind her son at the Seattle airport. The child, who was barely a toddler, wanted to explorer. The mom wanted to catch him before he “explored” down the escalator. This delicate dance – son dashing for adventure, mom trying to catch him – went on for minutes. Son goes oneContinue reading “Letting the Audience Lead”

Google+ and The Entropy of Social Media

First there was order, then chaos. The universe was born in near-perfect order: small, organized and perhaps even serene. Over time, the universe expanded and became messy, diverse and beyond comprehension. Chaos reigned. This effect is called entropy, the process by which order decreases in a system over time. This is admittedly a simple description,Continue reading “Google+ and The Entropy of Social Media”

Legos, Airplanes and the Future of the Web

IN THE UNITED STATES we have a two-party system — well, technically. There’s the Democrats, the Republicans, and then the dozens of mini parties within and outside the main Parties, not to mention the multitudes of non-affiliated, disenfranchised and disillusioned. But for all its failings, Democracy is an open system which, for the most part,Continue reading “Legos, Airplanes and the Future of the Web”