Why Most Brands Will Suck at Storytelling

“STORY” IS THE NEW “CONTENT.” As buzzwords go, story isn’t entirely bad — for years I’ve pushed clients to be storytellers. I’ve berated the descent of story into a furtive sea of “content,” stripping all emotion from human pursuits. So I’m good with story. But let’s be honest, success lies not in the idea butContinue reading “Why Most Brands Will Suck at Storytelling”

CES 2011: And the Winner Will Be…Reading

Predictions are a fickle business, but with the new year just begun and CES still days away, the writing for 2011 is already on the wall (and I don’t mean Facebook). There will be stories, tweets, posts, photos, videos, slides and all sorts of content spewing from CES about the latest technological gadgets and guessesContinue reading “CES 2011: And the Winner Will Be…Reading”

Digital Storytelling and the Rise of “Layered Narrative”

(Cross-posted from http://velocidi.posterous.com/) MERCEDES-BENZ BRINGS US the story of a baby named “Crash,” a miracle to his parents for surviving a collision that, by the looks of the car his mom was driving, should have been impossible. It’s a chilling video piece, dramatic yet real; produced, yet personal. But that’s just part of the story.Continue reading “Digital Storytelling and the Rise of “Layered Narrative””