“Twist of Fate” – Step Three of the Brand Storytelling Hero’s Journey

YOU HAVE CANCER. You go through treatment, get very sick and then, slowly but surely, you get better. The most advanced medical technology available saved your life – but then you drop dead at a backyard party because no one knew basic first aid. This narrative sleight of hand is what I call a “TwistContinue reading ““Twist of Fate” – Step Three of the Brand Storytelling Hero’s Journey”

An Apology: My Social Media Confession

On behalf of myself as a professional communicator, I want to apologize. If you are a company, I’ve misled you. If you are a consumer, I’ve used you. And as much as I’d like to change the future, there may be no turning back. Somehow I managed to take the most engaging and exciting advancementsContinue reading “An Apology: My Social Media Confession”