My Year of Living (Not So) Dangerously

There are three kinds of “leaps” a person can take: A leap of conscience A leap of comfort A leap of faith A year ago, I took all three. I ran giddy and trembling into the unknown. I leaped – and so far at least, it seems I stuck the landing. I’ve done this before:Continue reading “My Year of Living (Not So) Dangerously”

Implementers and Instigators: What kind of PR person are you?

There are two kinds of PR people: Implementers and Instigators. Implementers don’t go gently into the new. They practice a policy of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” — if the client’s don’t ask, then there’s no need to tell. The problem is, once the client’s do ask (and they all eventually do), the implementers are forcedContinue reading “Implementers and Instigators: What kind of PR person are you?”

Legos, Airplanes and the Future of the Web

IN THE UNITED STATES we have a two-party system — well, technically. There’s the Democrats, the Republicans, and then the dozens of mini parties within and outside the main Parties, not to mention the multitudes of non-affiliated, disenfranchised and disillusioned. But for all its failings, Democracy is an open system which, for the most part,Continue reading “Legos, Airplanes and the Future of the Web”

A Social Media Sanity Check: Six Ways to Slow Down

I’ve had to take things a little slower lately, which for me means going from working about 70 hours a week to only 60 hours. Nevertheless, there’s great value in slow. Going slower makes you think faster. Slowing down can make you more productive. Slow works but doesn’t get enough credit. My colleague Steve RubelContinue reading “A Social Media Sanity Check: Six Ways to Slow Down”

The Real Story behind “The Last Newspaper”

 You don’t get to age 43 without experiencing some loss, usually the loss of hair and the ability to maintain that body you once knew in high school. It’s a familiar theme, even necessary. Hell, without loss there would never have been a Disney animated film. A few days ago, someone asked what my newContinue reading “The Real Story behind “The Last Newspaper””

PR Industry: Fall Back, or Spring Forward

My relationship with PRSA – the Public Relations Society of America – goes back to 1994 when I first got into the business. As a journalist, I belonged to the Society of Professional Journalists (SPJ) and was even president of the University of Missouri chapter, so I was no stranger to trade organizations. Both groupsContinue reading “PR Industry: Fall Back, or Spring Forward”