What a Social Media World Leaves Behind

There is a man – I don’t know his name – that comes to our local Starbucks every morning, pushing his walker with the tennis ball feet and flashing a gorgeous toothless smile. He orders coffee. He finds a table and settles gingerly into his seat. And then he pulls out a newspaper and startsContinue reading “What a Social Media World Leaves Behind”

A New Year’s Apology to the Man Who Saved My Life

TWENTY-FOUR YEARS AGO, a college journalism professor kept me from making the biggest mistake of my life – and in doing so, saved it. I was a broadcast major at the University of Missouri, which tells you how little emphasis the school placed on looks. My face is far better suited for radio, so notContinue reading “A New Year’s Apology to the Man Who Saved My Life”

Newspapers: Making the Case for Free

(Originally posted at http://www.edelmandigital.com) The future of newspapers may well be in Colorado, once home to the late “gonzo journalism” provocateur Hunter S. Thomson and today home to no less that 12 free dailies. All of these papers are very local, and perhaps more importantly, successful. This trend is even more interesting in light ofContinue reading “Newspapers: Making the Case for Free”

A Social Media Sanity Check: Six Ways to Slow Down

I’ve had to take things a little slower lately, which for me means going from working about 70 hours a week to only 60 hours. Nevertheless, there’s great value in slow. Going slower makes you think faster. Slowing down can make you more productive. Slow works but doesn’t get enough credit. My colleague Steve RubelContinue reading “A Social Media Sanity Check: Six Ways to Slow Down”