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Freedom From the Press Should Empower Today’s Journalists

Journalists have more on their minds these days than the mere transformation of their profession. They are struggling with being just like everyone else. Journalists are used to being special. They are the only professionals with their own line in … Continue reading

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An Apology: My Social Media Confession

On behalf of myself as a professional communicator, I want to apologize. If you are a company, I’ve misled you. If you are a consumer, I’ve used you. And as much as I’d like to change the future, there may … Continue reading

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Cancer Can’t Kill What She Did for Modern Media

Five years ago, a young San Francisco Chronicle editor built a bridge from old mainstream media to the then new and largely untested digital frontier. She didn’t know that she was doing it at the time – all she knew … Continue reading

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Newspapers: Making the Case for Free

(Originally posted at http://www.edelmandigital.com) The future of newspapers may well be in Colorado, once home to the late “gonzo journalism” provocateur Hunter S. Thomson and today home to no less that 12 free dailies. All of these papers are very … Continue reading

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The Real Story behind “The Last Newspaper”

 You don’t get to age 43 without experiencing some loss, usually the loss of hair and the ability to maintain that body you once knew in high school. It’s a familiar theme, even necessary. Hell, without loss there would never … Continue reading

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Where There is Journalism, There is Hope

(Note: The following is the final chapter from my forthcoming book, “The Last Newspaper.” It’s printed here with permission from, well, myself…) “The one thing most likely to make the public value newspapers is newspapers valuing the public.” — Paul … Continue reading

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