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CES 2011: And the Winner Will Be…Reading

Predictions are a fickle business, but with the new year just begun and CES still days away, the writing for 2011 is already on the wall (and I don’t mean Facebook). There will be stories, tweets, posts, photos, videos, slides … Continue reading

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Social Media Technology is History in Motion

I’m a technology evolutionist. Granted I just made that up, but it fits. I don’t believe new technology is just created — I believe it evolves, with each innovation building on the other. No printing press, no iPad. These technologies … Continue reading

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Blogging is Stupid, Twitter is Lame and Facebook is Dumb

My daughter doesn’t think I’m cool. She thinks I’m a geek — not in the good Mark Zuckerberg or Steve Jobs way, but rather in the “who gives a crap whether Picard or Kirk was the better Star Trek captain … Continue reading

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