Digital is a Platform

Digital is not a “publication.” Digital is a “platform.” Publications are static, one-way, monotone. They live in comfort. Publishing is an act of control, and in that sense, it is little more than anachronism. You can publish via digital, but digital is not a publication. Digital is a platform. Digital is a relationship reset, anContinue reading “Digital is a Platform”

2012 Prediction: Paper Will Be the Next Disruptive Technology

There’s a little-known scene in the movie “Star Trek: First Contact,” where Lt. Commander Data, an android, observes Captain Jean-Luc Picard touching the hull of an historic spacecraft. The captain smiles and taps the ship with his bare fingers, to which Data asks, “Sir, does tactile contact alter your perception of (the ship)?” “Oh yes,”Continue reading “2012 Prediction: Paper Will Be the Next Disruptive Technology”

The Dangers of Distance: How to Get Grounded in Social Media

We are wired to learn more. From pre-school to grad school, we are trained to reach higher, dig deeper and get smarter and smarter until we become experts in our fields. We are told that the journey is one of ascension — that pushing ourselves to mine gorgeous details and surrounding ourselves with like-minded peersContinue reading “The Dangers of Distance: How to Get Grounded in Social Media”

Legos, Airplanes and the Future of the Web

IN THE UNITED STATES we have a two-party system — well, technically. There’s the Democrats, the Republicans, and then the dozens of mini parties within and outside the main Parties, not to mention the multitudes of non-affiliated, disenfranchised and disillusioned. But for all its failings, Democracy is an open system which, for the most part,Continue reading “Legos, Airplanes and the Future of the Web”

Ten Steps for Moving Journalism Forward

The Society of Professional Journalists (SPJ) has a problem — it's still a "society" (the oldest of its kind), but the terms "professional" and "journalist" are not what they used to be. Digital media and bottom-up news models have forced SPJ to re-evaluate its role and how it best can help today's journalists survive andContinue reading “Ten Steps for Moving Journalism Forward”

Digital Storytelling and the Rise of “Layered Narrative”

(Cross-posted from MERCEDES-BENZ BRINGS US the story of a baby named “Crash,” a miracle to his parents for surviving a collision that, by the looks of the car his mom was driving, should have been impossible. It’s a chilling video piece, dramatic yet real; produced, yet personal. But that’s just part of the story.Continue reading “Digital Storytelling and the Rise of “Layered Narrative””