The End of “Content” — Storytelling Using the Layered Narrative System

In my previous post I explained the Layered Narrative concept and why it’s the future of storytelling. But a concept is nothing without an engine to make it work in real lifeI’ve developed a simple system to help brands get the most out of their stories. It’s a system grounded in journalistic principles and driven byContinue reading “The End of “Content” — Storytelling Using the Layered Narrative System”

An Apology: My Social Media Confession

On behalf of myself as a professional communicator, I want to apologize. If you are a company, I’ve misled you. If you are a consumer, I’ve used you. And as much as I’d like to change the future, there may be no turning back. Somehow I managed to take the most engaging and exciting advancementsContinue reading “An Apology: My Social Media Confession”