I Blog, Therefore I Hate Myself

  • Apparently some “journalist bloggers” don’t like PR people, and some PR people don’t like journalist bloggers because they apparently don’t “understand” PR. I’m a journalist blogger and a PR person, so therefore I must conclude that I hate myself. On the plus side, at least now I know how White House Press Secretary Scott McClellan feels.
  • Speaking of McClellan, I bet he watches West Wing reruns and wonders if C.J. Cregg would consider replacing him.
  • Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling is the richest woman in Britain. Not bad for someone who doesn’t even have a blog.
  • Madonna is promoting water that supposedly has spiritual qualities. Am I overreacting or did she just move from “crazy” to “creepy?”
  • Every table at every Starbucks I go to has people conducting meetings or working on their computers. Is there an office space shortage in Southern California that no one told me about? Is the coffee at Starbucks that damn good? Is T-Mobile public and can I get some stock?
  • A recent poll published in Foreign Policy magazine shows that more Americans (78 percent) like Great Britain than the United States (71 percent). We’re not only disliked around the world, we’re not even the most popular in our own country.
  • CBS News is launching a broadband, Internet-only network and a blog about the news gathering process. Because of CBS’ primary demographic, the service will have a handy “clap on, clap off” feature.
  • Citizen reporting of the London bombings forever changed journalism. Unfortunately, some journalists are still the same old duschbags they’ve always been.

2 thoughts on “I Blog, Therefore I Hate Myself

  1. I’d hardly call Russell Beattie a journalist.
    Take a look at his ‘about’ page. Before you link to his Resumé, note the fact that he muses on how easy it it to ‘some’ up his life (spelling?) and then flick over to his CV where he lists no journalism jobs whatsoever.
    He’s a techie. Or more appropriately, a jackass. (And all this coming from an actual journalist who ‘should’ agree with what he says…)

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