Press Censorship Benefits the Censors, Not the Public

Allan Jenkins posted a recent survey by the University of Connecticut that, on the surface, says nearly 1 in 4 Americans favor government censorship of the press.

What the survey really says, however, is that 1 in 4 Americans are fear-absorbed, mush-minded, neo-con sycophants. Okay, that was an overstatement — I apologize. I didn’t mean to say fear-absorbed.

The Danish Jenkins, like many in Europe, are probably shaking their heads as the United States blissfully slips into a coma, allowing basic rights like freedom of speech and religion to atrophy. From the Patriot Act to Filibuster bans, we are giving away our freedoms without so much as asking for a receipt.

The media isn’t helping – thank you, Newsweek – but the answer isn’t censorship. The media needs more checks and balances in the form of citizen journalism, less reliance on cowardly unnamed sources and a stop to the fantasy that there is still such a thing as a “news cycle” with winners and losers. The day of the deadline is over; news is now an “always on” enterprise that earns its credibility not with speed, but with accuracy.

Let’s be honest: The only news reports the government would censor are those that don’t support the government’s positions. In other words, get ready for 24 hours a day of Ann Coulter, Robert Novak and the other attack poodles attached to Karl Rove’s choke chain.

Censorship benefits the censors, not the public. Time to wake up.

One thought on “Press Censorship Benefits the Censors, Not the Public

  1. Thanks for the hat-tip, Gary. While I live in Denmark, now, I was born and raised in South Carolina, and am still (and will remain) a US citizen.
    Danes (and other Europeans) are generally perplexed by American policy and attitudes. Not that European policy and attitudes are any more coherent.

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